By sharing this page among your friends, you are helping the donkeys.                                        The truth about the donkeys in Mijas pueblo, 40 years of animal cruelty has to be stopped 

There is just one way to stop this, making sure tourists never pays for a donkey ride...

Make your friends aware....

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For years and years organisations and people have tried to stop the barbaric animal cruelty in Mijas Pueblo. Lots of promises have been made from people in power in the Town hall.... however nothing has been done to improve there conditions and welfare.

The techniques that the town hall uses are ... "lets tire them out, they will give up at the end" its true, it works, people give up and the donkeys continue to suffer. 

I will not give it up, i will fight to my last day or.... to the last donkey. We are fed up with all the lies from the Town hall and we are fed up with tourists paying money for this animal cruelty.
It brings money to the town, to a few people in the town hall and the 9 family's that own the donkeys and the donkeys get nothing in return other than being kicked and beaten.

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