4500 kilometres for the donkeys in Mijas Pueblo

The first of April 2019, I will leave the village of Mijas Pueblo for the last time in my life.

By foot i will walk from Mijas through Spain, France, England, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark to Sweden.
My 5 month walk will be done to meet people and media in all those country's, to answer questions and to make people aware of the donkeys lives and situation in Mijas Puebo, to prevent tourists to use this type of amusement and to once and for all stop this type of animal cruelty that sadly still is culture in Spain and with a town hall that obviously support this by doing nothing about it more than lies and sharing the money it brings.....
To save money i will live in a tent during this time.

I stopped working in January 2018 and i will try to spend a year just to get the right connections and to invite the media all over Europe to follow me.
I calculate that just my 5 month walk and all the equipment i need will cost me about 9500 Euro.
My goal is to be able to send my walk live on this page 24 hours a day, with a live gps map where you can see where i am and what my goal is for that particular day.

I offered the town hall a solution, an improvement for the poor donkeys and there horrible life by building a stable where they would have been taking care of by people who loves and knows about how to treat an animal, and give it away for free to the town. The Town hall ignored this offer as they ignore everything else not benefiting there own pockets.

What ever you do.... never ride the donkeys, if you do, you make this barbaric way of amusement continue.
Your money will never do anything good for the donkeys, they end up as black money in some peoples pockets and the donkeys will continue  to be abused.   

Im NOT dealing with the town hall anymore.
From  now on i will reach out to all becoming tourists in Europe
To make sure no one at the end rides the donkeys, will kill the Mijas Pueblo Burro Taxi..... and it will save the lives of becoming donkeys

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